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You know that thing that you always need, but it doesn't really have a name, or a true form.  Now it does!


Gemstone packing head with a tipped Titanium rod turn this little poker into a versitile tool that belongs in everyone's kit!


Assorted Sizes and Designs.

Everyone is different.  Some like pinners, some like bats, and some like cannons.

VRZR recommends the 6mm Packer for people who roll slim, and 8mm Packer for people who like to go big!


All gemstones are not created equal.  VRZR can guarantee that the gemstone will not look exactly like the photo, but it will be a similar variant.  ones that stray too far from the pack will be posted individually 



USES:  Various.

-Bowl Pick.

-Packer.  Use the big end to pack your hand rolled masterpiece to the perfect tightness.

-Skewer.  Most effective with fresh rolling materiel.  Rolling with fresh materiel can get sticky real quick.  Use the skewer end of the Pokey Thing to create a path for smoke to draw all the way to the end without clogging.

-Dab Tool.  The Pokey thing isn't exactly a shovel, but it is titanium.